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It’s election year
But who fuckin’ cares
It’s suicide
But nobody minds

Apathy, apathy.

Let’s all drunk drive
As the road toll climbs
Let’s all stay silent
On autopilot

Apathy, apathy, apathy.

Apathy, in the middle of an oil spill, apathy.
Apathy: if I don’t do it then nobody will, apathy!

Apathy, apathy.

The children starve
While the parents laugh

At Paul Henry's jokes
My conscience chokes

(on) Apathy, apathy, apathy.

Apathy, all is quiet as they listen in, apathy.
Apathy, while trade unions are traded in, apathy.


Apathy, up to our knees in bureacracy, apathy.
Apathy, despite the whole point of democracy, apathy.

Apathy apathy?

Apathy. enforced ignorance of our history, apathy.
Apathy, all disguised as subjectivity, apathy.

Apathy, in the middle of world war 3, apathy.
Apathy, must be easier than being free, apathy.

Apathy, ironic detachment equals passivity