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When I was a student
I wanted to have money
What a joke that was, cause there weren't any jobs

Education cost me
My livelihood and dignity
My brain was all I had, malnourished and getting sad

Keep ‘em dumb, uninformed
If they’re smart, keep ‘em poor
Make 'em pay, til they sell
And then buy back, from themselves

I just spent six months in a leaky flat
What more can I say about that?

A long-forgotten name for us
With long-forgotten dreams
Like, I don’t know, how about free education for all people of all ages, thus sparing one tiny blip on the radar of a vast ocean from the impending dark age that is to sweep the world with blinding apathy caused by a known-but-not-taught global misinformation campaign that sedates, misdirects and wilfully controls people’s lives by keeping them enslaved to their wallets, the flesh of their hands stitched to the insides of their own empty pockets?

Long white cloud, getting grey
And I think it’s gonna rain
When it does, I won’t care
Only the sky wants to share

I just spent six months in a leaky flat
Trust me, we’re not getting fat

We interrupt this historical concussion to colonially coerce a cultural coma that goes back to before we invaded:

"Ho! From distant lands we do come, ejaculating myths like truth and free-dumb"
Said the party of whites, covered in self-righteous cum
Getting our way surely is great
Spreading our values of prejudice and hate
"Gather round natives, we’ll give you guns”
And wouldn’t you know it, here comes the fun:
Hooray, the Europeans had won!
History will remember, cause they’re number one!
The conquest was bought, as conquest can be
And granted us myths like privacy
Ensured to none, and assured to fewer
This history sits comfortably upon a skewer
It’s storytime, children, no time for truth
Present us with facts, and we dispose of the proof
If you want to know more, come on, pay up sonny!
Hegemony is real, and it wants your money!

Education will be a joke
When we make the system broke
Studylink sucked me dry
Pay it back, why should I?

I just spent six months in a leaky flat
But try and tell the landlord that
I just spent six months in a leaky flat